Lifting Column DL4

Lifting Column DL4

The DL4 is a DESKLIFT® lifting column. The column is an optimum choice for a wide range of desk applications especially within the office area.

The hallmarks of the DL4 are the 3-stage inline design meaning that the motor is hidden inside the profiles giving the column a very sleek and elegant design easy to integrate in various desk designs. The 3-stage construction ensures a very low built-in dimension meaning that people of all heights can use the desk.

The very low noise level ensures pleasant use when driving.

The DL4 is compatible with the DESKLINE control box range: CBD4 and CBD6S and the complete DESKLINE desk panel programme ranging from simple up and down panels to sophisticated panels with memory buttons and display for height read-out of the actual desk height.
  • Max. thrust: 700 N
  • Max. speed: 43 mm/s

lifting column dl4 

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