control box series

- Thinking within the box

30 years of experience and knowhow built into one series of control boxes

We listen to our customers. Based on your inputs and our experience, we have handpicked all the best features and ideas to create a solution for the future.

One world – One box
Do you want easy logistics? With worldwide approvals, local stock and SMPS as standard, all control boxes in the series are truly ready for the World.

One World - One Box  
  • Switch Mode Power Supply – universal input voltage

  • Worlwide approvals

  • Local stock and service

  • Configurable

Easy Cleaning
Hygiene is very important in healthcare environments. This is why we have made sure that all the boxes are cleaning friendly in every way.

Easy Cleaning  
  • IPX6 Washable

  • Cleaning-friendly design

  • Cleaning friendly cable management

How does 5-year warranty sound to you? With state of the art technology inside, combined with LINAK quality, we guarantee that you get a product that performs extremely well.

5 Year Warranty  
  • LINAK quality

  • High performance

  • 5 year warranty

Easy Fit
We have made it easy for you to build the boxes into your application. The mounting options are many and, on top of that, the size and weight of the products are at a minimum.

Easy Fit  
  • Flexible mounting options

  • Clever cable management

  • Unique locking features

  • Low weight and compact design

  • Battery prepared

Ready for you now:

Control Box CA30

Control Box CA30
  Control Box CA40

Control Box CA40

Control Box CO61

Control Box CO61

However this is just the beginning...

CB series timeline

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